Heavy rains cause a wall to collapse in Pompeii

Heavy rains cause a wall to collapse in Pompeii

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The heavy rains that have fallen in Italy in recent days have caused a wall of the ancient city of Pompeii will collapseThis being the latest in a series of weather-related collapses at the country's most famous archaeological site.

The Garden of Severus wall It suffered a partial collapse after days of rain in southern Italy, the Pompeii superintendency said last Wednesday. The area had been closed to visitors months ago, as it is part of the Great Pompeii Project, for which it has been granted a fund of several million euros for its protection, so the find was made by site personnel.

The incident in the Garden of Severus is just the latest in a series of landslides in Pompeii, as last March the Minister of Culture Darío Franceschini promised to unlock two million euros of restoration funds when the Temple of Venus and several walls Pompeii were damaged by the rains, although criticism was immediate after the enormous slowness in the restoration plans.

UNESCO also decided to act in 2013, threatening to remove Pompeii from its prestigious list of World Heritage Sites if no steps were taken to save the old site.

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