The Coptic gospel that could be attributed to Mary

The Coptic gospel that could be attributed to Mary

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It has recently been found an ancient Coptic gospel that can be attributed to Mary, a tiny book whose origin dates back to 6th century. All the text is written in Coptic and has different oracles that could have been used to provide support and security to all those who seek help for their problems.

According to the researchers, they want to make it clear that it is not a gospel in the sense that we all know, since it does not teach anything about Christ. Although this book has been in the study phase since 1984, it is not known about its origin, although it has been said that it could have belonged to a well-known dealer in Coptic goods and antiques.

The teacher Anne Marie Luijendikj, from Princetown University, was commissioned to study this text in depth. After doing so, she declared that she had managed to decipher its first line, which refers to a gospel that she hoped to read about Jesus and his life.

This little book has about 160 pages that have 37 little passages written on two sheets of parchment, facing each other. It has measurements approximately the size of the palm of a woman's hand and its purpose was to provide answers to those who seek to be answered in a delicate situation and who do not know what to do or what decision to make.

Some of the phrases that can be read inside this book include:

«Stop being two-minded or human, since what you are looking for is going to happen, or not. Be brave and do not be of two minds, for this you will receive joy and happiness ».

«You know that you have done everything that was in your power. In spite of this you have not gained anything, but with patience, through the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you will get what you want ».

According to the study carried out, this book is Christian in nature and is based on the Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, John, Luke and Job, although it has been noted that it does not contain traditional Christian teachings and there are hardly any mentions of the kingdom of God or of Heaven, the miracles of the highest, eternal life or the church.

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