They discover a submarine of more than 100 years in Panama

They discover a submarine of more than 100 years in Panama

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Panama It is currently news within the world of history since an incredible discovery has been shown on video from the Smithsonian Institution channel. An archaeologist named James Delgado, who was on vacation in the Las Perlas archipelago, made a discovery that has been around the world in a matter of hours and has piqued the interest of the international community.

Is about a submarine, which was found by the archaeologist himself, but it was not deep underwater but rather he was on a remote beach in an advanced state of oxidation, where it had spent its last 135 years, a surprising figure if we look back and look at the appearance of the first submarines

The team of Smithsonian Institution recording It was with Delgado with the intention of knowing more about what surrounded this mysterious submarine that came to work, also why its crew and also its inventor died and for what reason this prodigy of technology, for a minimum of 135 years ago, It ended up on this beach in the Las Perlas archipelago, belonging to Panama.

People say that This submarine is linked to the German engineer Julius Kroehl, who was said to be a true genius ahead of his time. It was built around 1864 for Union troops during the United States Civil War and was baptized as Explorer, but It was never used in that war, being transported to Panama, where its purpose was to collect pearls.

It was ideal for this purpose since allowed divers to abandon it, collect pearls from the bottom of the sea and later climb back inside. This is something that may have inspired Jules Verne for his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, because the crew of the Nautilus could do the same, but this novel was written six years after the construction of this submarine.

Other researchers agree that it's about the USS Alligator, being the first submarine of the United States Navy and the first to have compressed air for the crew as well as an air filtering system and a crank-propelled propeller, with a maximum crew of 20 people, 14.3 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. It is said to have disappeared during a storm at Cape Hatteras when it was towed away to be deployed to combat at Charleston.

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