New finds off the northwest coast of Delos

New finds off the northwest coast of Delos

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Joint investigations by the ‘Greek Agency for Marine Archeology’ and the ‘Helena National Research Foundation’ on the northwest coast of Delos have brought to light new findings, as reported by the Greek Minister of Culture.

The collaboration is part of research promoted by the University of Birmingham and the 'Roman Society', led by Martha Zarmakoupi.

The purpose of these underwater investigations has been to re-identify the area and make a map of the remains found in the sea. In the past, these remains were associated with property used by the port. However, during the underwater archaeological investigations carried out in October 2014, the researchers concluded that the remains actually came from a settlement.

During the investigation, vessels for storing food were found at a depth of 1.5-2 meters in October 2014 and they proceeded to clean, while these vessels were being cleaned, two more vessels were found. The 18 vessels have been drawn and photographed.

Too 15 other embedded vessels were found in another area, located 70 centimeters deep and which has already been mapped.

The underwater investigation at Delos demonstrates the commercial use of the buildings found.

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