They find a statuette of the goddess Isis in India

They find a statuette of the goddess Isis in India

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If we look at history a bit, an important part falls on trade between countries, noble and rich merchants from all over the world, which at the time led to the transport of huge quantities of merchandise from one corner of the world to another.

One of the stories that have not been told, or at least not too many times, is that of the transportation of antiques from Egypt to India, something that, according to historians, took 40 days and 40 nights.

Possibly one of these many trading trips caused him to take the image of the Egyptian goddess Isis to the Kerala area, in India, something that has been discovered by different experts in antiquities and history, being the only reference of it that exists in Hindu mythology, which reveals that its arrival had to be many centuries ago so that it could be considered as part of this mythology.

This has made experts like the doctor Richard Fynes, have hypothesized about a connection between the Middle East and this part of the world and it is even claimed that their cult was taken to India.

For his part, the late professor Kamil zvelebil, highlighted the great importance of maritime trade between southern India and the ancient Near East (and vice versa). In his research on Isis, the goddess of Egypt, he exposes many similarities about the classical cult of Egypt and also the mythology of India, where Isis was also considered a goddess.

Another expert, Jaina Pattini, He did a great job in the field, where he even made recordings about the popular songs and myths of the region and something that caught his attention is that almost all of them contained a mythology that is unique in India, where a dead god is resurrected thanks to the power magic of his wife, also a goddess.

This has unleashed a large number of hypotheses on the part of historians, scholars and researchers, who could go so far as to ensure that Isis not only came to India by trade but there are even some people who have ventured to say that Egyptian civilization could have some kind of contact with India and exchange some characteristics or that have been adopted by both parties traditions that little by little would change with the passage of time.

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