The restoration of the mosaics of the Basilica of San Marcos is completed

The restoration of the mosaics of the Basilica of San Marcos is completed

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For the past five years, a team of restaurateurs worked on the mosaics of the dome of the nàrtex of the Basilica of San Marcos, the most famous monument in Venice, since they ran the risk of detaching from their wall support, so they were consolidated and cleaned.

Created over a long period of time spanning from the 1094, year in which the Basilica was dedicated to Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice, and 1545, the mosaics represent the Virgin and Child, the four evangelists, the eight apostles and Saint Mark in papal costume.

The works were probably started by Greek mosaicists and later carried out by local artisans.

The golden mosaics They are among the highlights of the Basilica, covering a total of 4,000 square meters.

Some of the most memorable events in the history of Venice and the Western world took place in this splendid setting, such as that in 1177 the Pope Alexander III it was found that the emperor Francisco Barbarossa after the battle of Legnano; or in 1201, when soldiers from all over Europe met in the Basilica, prior to continuing their march towards the fourth crusade.

Construction of the Basilica of San Marcos.

The original building was erected in the 9th century, when two Venetian merchants brought the remains of Saint Mark to the city, who was already venerated here for being the first evangelizer in the area.

To honor his remains, a church was built which, over time, grew larger, more splendid, and in turn, more important.

The St Mark's Basilica It is one of the most famous examples of Byzantine architecture in Italy. It has a large dome in its center and four smaller ones in the arms; and its façade, decorated with beautiful mosaics, also stands out. In addition, it has five portals and on the central one, we find four bronze horses.

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