History of Riverside, California

History of Riverside, California

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Riverside, California, was originally developed after an investment company purchased the land in hopes of turning it into desirable property. The plans for a community were laid out in 1870 and became fully adopted when a large increase in population gladly accepted the plans.Much of the increase in population to the area was based upon the ease of producing crops. The crop of choice for the original settlers was the citrus fruit, creating a boom in population, bringing people from all over the nation to try their luck.The citrus industry enjoyed its boom during the early 20th century and continued for many more years. The city is based on one side of the Santa Ana River, which was an excellent source of water in close proximity to the farms.Over the years, Riverside has continued to be a center for crops and such industries as aircraft engines, electronics, automotive equipment, paper products, and plastic.There are many attractions in Riverside worth visiting while in the area. Some of them include the Riverside Municipal Museum, housing exhibits and artifacts of local history, the California Museum of Photography, the Heritage House, a restored 1891 home, and the California Citrus State Historic Park.The city is home to many landmarks, including the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, planted in 1873 (one of two original orange trees in California), and the historic Mission Inn.Riverside also is home to many fine educational institutions of higher education, ranging from community colleges to full universities. The major schools in the area include La Sierra University (1922), California Baptist College (1950), and University of California - Riverside (1954).

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